Villa – Gomes-Santa-ursula Tenerife

Villa – Gomes-Santa-ursula Tenerife

Villa – Gomes-Santa-ursula Tenerife

Calle Acentejo, 146 38379 La Matanza de Acentejo, Santa Cruz de Tenerife


€250 /Night

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6 Bedroom
8 Bathroom


Bedrooms : 6 Bathrooms : 8 6 bedroom Villa property Santa Ursula, Tenerife Garden Balcony Driveway Fitted Kitchen Swimming Pool GymUn-Furnished Sea View Sun Terrace Garage This beautiful and very tasteful decorated villa has a huge plot of 4332 m2, and 1100 m2 has been constructed on. The spacious villa has 5 en suite bedrooms and 3 seperate extra bathrooms and also a 1 bedroom apartment. Stunning private swimming pool with sea views, gym with sauna and Turkish bath, bodega (discotec) for parties and events, and all of the property is surrounded with lovely gardens. The amazing views from the villa are of mount Teide (highest peak in Spain), to the valley of la Orotava, the Island of La Palma and to the Atlantic Ocean. There is a walk way that takes you directly to the 3 natural volcanic sand beaches underneath the villa and is around a 20 minute walk. The villa is located in the most idyllic urban area on the Island which means it’s very private and quiet. It has an agreeable climate all year round that makes the luscious vegetation of beautiful green and flowery areas such as the famous Taoro Park possible. Enjoy its many night terraces, prestigious restaurants, casino, nightclubs and Golf Club La Rosaleda. The city has numerous beaches like Playa Garden, Playa Martianez and the well known Costa Martianez complex. 22 kilometre distance from the northern Los Rodeos airport. Golf Club La Rosaleda; 11 km and Real Club de Golf Tenerife 22 km. Large kitchen with staff quarters. Beautiful garden with palm trees and swimming pool. A wooden staircase leads to a piano room and art studio. Ideal for your next Tenerife vacation.

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