Villa – GranTauro-Mogan Gran Canaria

Villa – GranTauro-Mogan Gran Canaria

Villa – GranTauro-Mogan Gran Canaria

Calle Escocia, 1, 35138 Mogán, Las Palmas, Spain

Gran Canaria

€150 /Night

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3 Bedroom
3 Bathroom


3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 9 people A modern and luxury villa with private garden, heated swimming pool and hot-tub. Situated in Tauro Valley, this spacious 3-bedroom bungalow offers one of the most spectacular views on the island. The contrast between the world-class Championship Golf Course, rocky hills of Tauro Valley, always blooming private garden and Atlantic Ocean in the background creates a unique atmosphere of privacy, luxury and peacefulness. The modern technology and the top-class materials used will make your stay a very comfortable and enjoyable. The space This one-story villa, designed in a warm and contemporary style is a perfect place for families with children, elderly people, as well as groups of friends. It is fully wheelchair accessible. It is built in L-shape with 3 bedrooms on one side and large living room, dining area and a fully equipped kitchen on the other side. In between is a private garden with heated outdoor swimming pool (6×3 meters). The bedrooms are very spacious each with a separate bathroom and a separate toilet room. In each bedroom there is a queen size bed (180×200 cm) and a sofa bed (80×200 cm). The maximum sleeping capacity is 9 adults and 1 infant in a baby cot. The whole villa is air-conditioned with 4 separate a/c units. The neighbourhood Villa it is a closed and very safe area. Part of the estate is a common area that is ±200 meters far from the villa. By the common area, there is another outdoor swimming pool (8×12 meters), sun loungers, children’s playground, very good supermarket “Spar”, opened daily 08:30 – 20:30 and Tauro Grill bar and restaurant opened daily 11:00 – 23:00. 3km far from the villa, through a tunnel, you reach a city centre of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria. This is a very vibrant touristic town full of shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, discos and sport facilities. The closest beach is Amadores, just 2.5 km far from the villa. It is said to be one of the best beaches in Europe and has been granted the Blue Flag status. By this beach with free parking, you can also find more restaurants, bars and other sport facilities.

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